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Lot 670: ALS in French, unsigned, four pages on two adjoining sheets, 8.25 x 12.75, no date but circa January 1777. Letter to Maitre Gaufridy, in full (translated): "The memo of this man is false and full of slander, where it is clear that it is carried out by the people who came here, whom I did not want to, I can only answer with the notes added to the given memo; and as for his conduct here, that he denies, the record of the proceedings that he denies and that I have sent you is authentic. This man is obviously a cheater and a man of bad faith, as he had promised Mr. Paulet to be quiet until Lent and yet, he has made some steps. And you see, even assuming that the girl will be released, that rascal will return on the alleged insults to those people who came, you see that he is the Don Quixote. Indeed what has in common the case of his daughter with this slander?All I can tell you is that the girl is ready, she testified that she was happy and had no reason to complain, and that is all what I wanted; but she would have only left with Mr de Castillon, this is something you can certify to this man. Besides, his case is going on and continues with the utmost rigor and if you want to see it, we shall send it to you. We already have enough to hang him though, and so please tell him, that all the witnesses he called for himself did actually file against him yesterday. What to do now. I do not know. If it was me, I know what I would do; because, as it is certain that this man wanted to kill me, I would ask Blancard to stop him on the spot. We would certainly find him with his bullets and pistol; once he would have been arrested, the procedure would soon be over and then we would send horsemen and the procedure to Aix, and in the same time, Mrs would bring her daughter to Mr Castillon. So Sir, that is what to do and what you would probably not do, due to the habit is to crush one who is not happy. But if it is not justice here, at least, I would certainly get much in Paris, and Madame de Montreuil will surely stop this man on his return to Montpellier; all I can add to this is to ask you to watch out this man if you do want to arrest him and to send me two riders from Apt soon, as soon as you lose his track, or that you would have known that he had taken our side. Answer by numbers, to this man's memo:No. 1 See if, to this word 'beautiful,' an epithet which should not fit her, it does show this man is bad heartedNo. 2 Besson came only with Treillet,No. 3 Everyone and his daughter would say otherwise.No. 4 This letter is a fake and Durand would never have showed it, moreover father Treillet could not have seen it because he does not know how to read. Therefore he takes it as what he was told and people had lied to him; to support something like this, you should have some proof in hand.No. 5 A servant brought them to get their sleep, Mrs. S did not only accompany them there. She stayed with Madame and Father Durand chatting, and they later locked themselves overnight until four a.m., when the servant went to wake them up to leave.No. 6 I have one word to say here, assuming I had (1) found these people (who represented the worst that can be found in the nature, as for the age and figure), but supposedly, I say that I would have found worthy of satisfying desires, it is likely that if they were coming to stay at home, I would have kept them, and deciding to keep them, I would not have attempted against their modesty. I would have had time to stay there with them. By then, as nothing is safer, I decided that same evening to return, given the little need I had, and I never asked for them, it is more likely that I would not let myself to insult those people whom I needed to see going the next morning and that I would have put in a position to go and complain. Didn't I plan that these people would have had the mood of this journey in white? Would I go and worsen this mood by using insults at night? It was necessary that I should be so crazy to do such a mistake and I have certainly not done it! As for the money exchange, no one knows better than Mr. Gaufridy that during those days, I did not have money. All these are some recriminations and slanders invented to make me go back more than ever to this need to arrest this man with one hand and to send the other daughter to Mr. Castillon with the other hand.No. 7 All of these insults are faked and it was him who started with some impertinence that forced me not to listen; I ask you this, Mister lawyer, to read again the end of my letter from Aix, since I last wrote. You shall be able to read there everything you need to answer and object to this man.No. 8 All falsehoods denied by the procedure and the testimony of the girl.No. 9 False. At first, there was no witness, unfortunately, I would have liked that there would have been some, and all of those whom this man talked about there (kindly tell him) have filed against him.No. 10 The child of fourteen is the greatest falsehood.Mr Paulet supports and has already confirmed the opposite. Him being a landkeeper! Yes, to make him relax, his daughter and Mr. Paulet could offer him that, in this view, but the rest is true. I therefore conclude, Sir, to arrest this man, or otherwise you shall prove me that one only wants my loss."In very good condition, with central vertical and horizontal folds, tears and some paper loss to bottom edge, ink erosion to several letters, and show-through from writing to opposing sides. This is a response to charges against the Marquis de Sade filed by Mr. Treillet, the father of one of the servants at the Marquis's Cheateau de Lacoste. Treillet's daughter, a cook at Lacoste, had been hired along with some other girls through a monk, Father Durand, who is referenced in this letter. Upset by the Marquis's overt advances, three of them fled from Lacoste and returned to their home in Montpellier. When of the incident reached Treillet, whose daughter had remained, he paid a visit to the Marquis de Sade and demanded to see his daughter, which the Marquis granted. The daughter claimed to be perfectly happy with her situation, had no complaints, and intended to stay at Lacoste. As the Marquis de Sade began to escort her father away from the property, Treillet drew a pistol and fired point blank at his chest. Luckily for the Marquis, the pistol misfired and Treillet fled the scene. Soon afterward he decided that it would be best to send the girl home to Montpellier, but she—apparently under the spell of the Marquis de Sade's charms—begged to stay, and he relented. An uncommon and exceedingly desirable letter with content encompassing the Marquis de Sade's frequent legal troubles and famous sexual exploits. RR Auction's Fine Autographs and Artifacts Auction 460 Wednesday, 16th September 2015 Estimate: $10000-15000
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