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Lot 1326: Sheet of four Canal Bank hundred dollar notes

Lot 327: Texas: Currency Currency

Lot 329: Texas: Currency Currency

Lot 325: Texas: Currency Currency

Lot 331: Texas: Currency Currency

Lot 330: Texas: Currency Currency

Lot 326: Texas: Currency Currency

Lot 328: Texas: Currency Currency

Lot 162: Three Better Confederate Currency Notes

Lot 136: North and South Carolina, Confederate currency

Lot 137: Alabama and Georgia Confederate paper currency

Lot 1177: 122 red seal two dollar bills.

Lot 1234: US paper currency

Lot 1205: Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland fifty dollar note

Lot 1210: Hawaii series 1935A red seal one dollar bill.

Lot 1176: Three Morgan silver dollars

Lot 1153: 10 series 1899 one dollar silver certificates.

Lot 1152: 9 series 1899 one dollar silver certificates.

Lot 1066: US paper currency

Lot 1221: Paper currency mostly US

Lot 1037: Two New Orleans Canal Bank notes

Lot 1034: US paper currency

Lot 1067: Paper currency mostly US and Confederate

Lot 1048: Seven US 1953 two dollar bills

Lot 1050: US paper currency

Lot 1049: Seven US 1953 five dollar bills.

Lot 1047: Nineteen US 1957 one dollar bills

Lot 1068: US and foreign paper currency.

Lot 3: American Bank Note Company, 1863 Stock Certificate, Very Rare!

Lot 217: 1853 $1 Banking House of Baldwin & Dodge, Council Bluffs, Iowa VF Condi...