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Joel R Anderson’s banknote collection worth $30m

$10,000 casino banknote highlights Heritage FUN Convention sale

Dog chewed banknote 'entered for Turner Prize'

Gold and silver coin sale in Philadelphia on August 21

Antique 8th Edition Robert Burton Anatomy of Melancholy 1676 for sale

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One Hundred Thousand Trillion Dollars For Sale

Indian Sea Salvage Banknote at Auction

Hungarian Concept Euros

Brazil Counterfeit Banknote

Scottish Five Pound Note Jack Nicklaus

collection British World banknotes auction

Manchow Bank notes auction

Ming Dynasty banknote Bank of India sold

Rare choice new Queen Mary $5 banknote

Extreamly Fine $1 New Zealand Banknote

Contemporaneously raised banknote rarity

well margined $5 choice uncirculated 1775 Banknote

Iraq 50 fils note sells for $60,000 at Spink

Rare late issue Milford DE Farmers & Mechanics Banknote

English Banknotes LondonCoins sale results

The creation of Greek banknotes by the American Bank Note Company of New York.

The world’s oldest banknote

Russian Paper Money of Imperial period 25 Rubles

$500 Postal Savings System Note Chicago Illinois 1944

Malaysian Collector pays £14,000 for '8' Serial Banknote

Art Bond banknotes at Paddle8

Very Late Australian Pre-Decimalisation Note

5 Franc notes up for auction

Specimen Yuan notes at auction