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Aviation memorabilia


Lot 5007: Chuck Yeager Signed Lithograph

Lot 5006: Chuck Yeager Group of (3) Signed Photographs

Lot 5001: 1903 Wright Flyer Wing Fabric and First Hangar Wooden Fragment

Lot 5004: Charles Lindbergh Signed Photograph

Lot 5003: First Flights Group of (3) Relic Displays

Lot 5005: R. G. Smith Original Painting

Lot 5002: Jacqueline Cochran Pair of (2) Signed Photographs

Lot 4063: Chuck Yeager Signed Photographs

Lot 4058: Lifting Body Test Flights Group of (4) Flown Covers

Lot 4062: Chuck Yeager Signed Photograph

Lot 4060: Chuck Yeager Bell X-1A Flown Cover

Lot 4059: X-1 Pilots Signed Photograph

Lot 4061: Chuck Yeager Lockheed NF-104A Artifact

Lot 4030: Amelia Earhart Signed Book

Lot 4035: Orville Wright Signed Check

Lot 4041: Wernher von Braun Signed Christmas Card

Lot 4036: AGM-28 Hound Dog Missile Guidance System Technical Manual

Lot 4057: Pete Everest Bell X-2 First Flight Cover

Lot 4042: Wernher von Braun Typed Letter Signed

Lot 4029: Aviators Signed Book

Lot 4034: Orville Wright Signature

Lot 4040: Rocket-Jet and Missile Engineering Book

Lot 4038: Hans Hosenthien Operation Paperclip Signed Affidavit

Lot 4037: Ford Missile Tracking Telescope

Lot 4032: Charles Lindbergh Autograph Letter Signed

Lot 4033: Charles Lindbergh Signed Book

Lot 4043: Wernher von Braun Typed Letter Signed

Lot 4031: Amelia Earhart Signed Flight Card

Lot 3021: Amelia Earhart 1928 Transatlantic 'Friendship' Chair

Lot 3018: Alexander Graham Bell and The Aerial Experiment Association Photograph...