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Lot 60: Albert Camus autograph

Lot 57: Margaret Thatcher Autograph on Card

Lot 50: Lewis Carroll Pair of Handwritten Letters

Lot 53: Outlaw Frank James handwritten letter

Lot 51: TS Eliot autograph on card

Lot 40: 5 Reggie Kray letters

Lot 44: Charles Schulz Signed Copy of Charlie Brown & Charles Schulz

Lot 59: Jean-Paul Sartre autograph

Lot 58: Michael X Autograph

Lot 52: Evelyn Waugh autograph on newspaper clipping

Lot 37: Prince John Signed Photograph

Lot 43: Grandma Moses Autographed Photograph

Lot 45: Disney Animators and Voice Actors Autographs and Sketches

Lot 56: Soon Mei-Ling autograph on portrait

Lot 41: Pierre Auguste Renoir Handwritten Letter

Lot 39: Reggie Kray owned silver locket with photo of first wife Frances and twi...

Lot 32: King Henry VIII Autographed Document

Lot 42: Georgia O’Keeffe autograph

Lot 33: King Henry VII Autographed Historical Document

Lot 35: Edward VIII and Wallis Windsor autographed card

Lot 18: Shirley Temple autograph

Lot 17: Humphrey Bogart autograph

Lot 19: Errol Flynn autograph on portrait

Lot 16: James Dean Signed Yearbook Page

Lot 15: Marilyn Monroe Autographed Newspaper Clipping

Lot 14: Marilyn Monroe Autographed Magazine Cut-Out

Lot 9: Madonna Autographed & Worn Love Profusion Tank Top

Lot 12: Apollo 11 signed photo

Lot 13: Marilyn Monroe personally owned and used hand mirror

Lot 10: Madonna Autograph