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Lot 1625: Large Navajo Yei rug

Lot 1652: Two miniature Persian erotic scenes

Lot 1494: Earl Horter (American 1881-1940)

Lot 1495: Hari Matthew Kidd (American 1899-1964)

Lot 1499: George Segal (American 1924-2000)

Lot 1491: New Jersey watercolor and gouache scene

Lot 1488: Oil on canvas coastline

Lot 1498: Baseball print, etc.

Lot 1483: Primitive oil on board track and field

Lot 1493: Collection of printed works

Lot 1596: Two Inuit soapstone carvings

Lot 1496: Watercolor of Nikko, Japan

Lot 1500: Peter Max (American b. 1937)

Lot 1481: Val Bertoia (American b. 1949)

Lot 1537: Marie and Santana Martinez San Ildefonso plates

Lot 1506: Composition sculpture of a dancer, etc.

Lot 1485: Giacomo Gastaldi woodcut map of Montreal, Canada

Lot 1486: Theodore Elston (American 20th/21st c.)

Lot 1497: Rosa Bonheur signed lithograph of a horse

Lot 1490: Color lithograph

Lot 1394: Four silhouettes

Lot 1482: Gouache landscape with monument

Lot 1484: Printed portrait of a woman, etc.

Lot 1349: Two engravings by Frederick Robbins

Lot 1334: Seven reverse folk paintings

Lot 1361: Group of early daguerreotypes, tintypes, etc.

Lot 1330: Pair of oil on canvas game portraits

Lot 1321: Albert Van Nesse Greene (American 1887-1971)

Lot 1324: Maud Stumm (American 1866-1935)

Lot 1301: Set of four Doctor Syntax color lithographs