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Lot 47: E H Shepard Autographed Drawing for Punch Magazine

Lot 46: Original Winnie-the-Pooh drawing by E H Shepard

Lot 9549: Banksy 'Paris Hilton' CD

Lot 1723: Italian marble bust of a woman

Lot 1610: After Xanthus Smith lithograph

Lot 1614: J. H. Buford lithograph

Lot 1721: Five Jerri Ryel scherenschnitte watercolors, etc.

Lot 1724: Printed silk friendship token

Lot 1706: Pair of oil on canvas portraits

Lot 1632: Unusual printed silk broadside

Lot 1619: Oil on brass charger of a fisherman

Lot 1612: After E. Duncan Augustus Butler lithograph

Lot 1613: After C. Leduck lithograph

Lot 1616: Two lithograph maps

Lot 1623: Three John F. Long reverse paintings

Lot 1583: Currier and Ives lithograph

Lot 1720: Watercolor bookplate, etc.

Lot 1617: Henry Zeigler etching of cowboys, etc.

Lot 1621: Silhouette of a flute player

Lot 1618: Budweiser advertising of Custer's Last Fight

Lot 1574: Currier and Ives lithograph

Lot 1611: Currier and Ives lithograph

Lot 1615: Spanish American War lithograph

Lot 1555: Currier and Ives lithograph

Lot 1584: N. Currier lithograph

Lot 1581: N. Currier lithograph

Lot 1570: Currier and Ives lithograph

Lot 1576: Watercolor

Lot 1568: J. Childs lithograph

Lot 1562: Two William Ridgeway etchings