Art Prints: A Better Pick than the Original Paintings?



2019-02-02 08:50:00

Being a writer, I am so much concerned about the authentication of the pieces I write, the topic, the words, basically everything. I believe originality is the crux of art. But, what do you think if I say maybe at some point in time, we should give it a second thought.

I am talking of paintings in the present times. Digitalization has obviously opened up several doors for the art lovers and artists making the art market suddenly hyperactive. Different platforms and mediums have emerged that offer various earning opportunities to artists and outstanding accessibility and option to the buyers.

Amidst all this, different forms of art have also taken birth. One such kind is the prints or digital prints. These are technology backed pieces that are made quite creatively. The themes of these pieces are generally popular paintings that are too expensive for common people. It is the exquisiteness and blissfulness of these art prints that have made them an extremely popular buying alternative amongst the art lovers.

And do not for an instance think that these prints are just processed out of a machine, No sir! Art prints are carefully crafted by professional designers who make sure to bring the originality of the paintings into these pieces quite amazingly. These prints are generally smaller in size and are easily available at affordable price ranges so that everyone can have the artistic masterpiece of Picasso, Monet, and Leonardo at their home. 

The blind side

The incoming of prints has ignited furious debates whether these pieces justify the true purpose of art. Conventional experts, theorists, and scholars who still have a knack for landscape and portrait art reject prints comprehensively. In their opinion, prints are diluting the exclusivity of art. An artwork was supposed to be an impeccable expression of artistic mind and heart that is just one of a kind. Now, when 100 prints of one such art piece are available for moderate prices, the entire definition and essence of art seem to be lost. Along with this, art was meant to be special (as per older conventions), so as per few advocates of traditional and academic art, prints are destroying the ethnicity.

There’s good in everything!

If you would see what was happening a few decades ago in the art world, the ground reality seems to be not very convincing. Artists who were looking to sell art had fewer options and the convention of ‘Starving Artist’ was on the rise. People thought that being an artist only means two of a thing: Either you become big or you will die nothing.

Today, a middle class has emerged in the artists’ community. People are not afraid to become an artist because of several possibilities that are waiting for them. Digital prints are one of those opportunities. These art prints offer an excellent earning opportunity for artists who are interested in graphics, art, and design. The art world is becoming bigger and is getting fused with technology, which is a good thing. Evolution is the base of art. So, prints are actually good for artists.

What it has for art lovers?

As an art lover, you might be excited in today’s times. You have all the accessibility and convenience to purchase your favourite artwork in comfort. But not all the art zealots have the potential and the financial strength to purchase exclusive paintings. The popular original works are undoubtedly expensive and only a few are able to get those.

Prints of original paintings offer a great opportunity for art lovers who want to adorn their home, office or wall space with the divinity of lavishing paintings without paying a humungous sum. Here are some of the advantages that you leverage while purchasing digital prints. Take a look and decide for yourself:

Extensive array

Now, if you have been on the pursuit to buy art online, you know that it is quite easy to get original paintings. But if you are in search for some exclusive work, you will find that it is not that easy to find first-string pieces on the web. Those artworks are expensive and are not easily found.

Art prints, on the other hand, are known to be available at almost all of the online galleries and websites. Not only this, you have the benefit of choosing from a wide range of prints. So, the choice is yours.

Original is overrated

I know, many people will not agree with this statement, even I do not, to some extent. But, seeing the current scenario of the online art world, I think most of the original paintings available on the web are just ok-ok types. These pieces are mediocre. As said, the good ones are preserved or held by some big names and are quite expensive to get. So, are you going to be content with a sub-par original painting or with an exclusive and mesmerising print of a famous painting? Imagine having an appealing art print of Mona Lisa in your living or bedroom.

Saves money

You can always save a good chunk of your money by purchasing digital prints of artworks. Where on the original paintings, you would be required to pay thousands or maybe millions of dollars. And for what? More than half of the world population doesn’t even understand what true art is, so what’s the point? Prints make the most sense in today’s world.

No worries

Prints usually can be bought for hundreds of dollars so there is absolutely zero tension on your head after buying such pieces. Issues like maintenance and robbery are completely eradicated as these pieces are not that expensive. What’s more intriguing is that you can buy multiple pieces and keep on hanging those on different locations in your house or office.  

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