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The Stamp Man

The Stamp Man

2018-01-16 13:04:15

Your opportunity to own world class art for a bargain price

It’s obscene, isn’t it?

Today’s art market, I mean. 

Half a billion dollars for a single painting last year?

Yes, I know it was a Da Vinci. Yes, I know the man could paint. But half a billion?

And the soaring prices mean you and I don’t stand a chance.

Not a hope. For the little guy who wants to own just one artwork by an even slightly famous name.

Because it’s not just the greats of the past who are unaffordable.

The great artists of now. The ones putting paint on a canvas as you read this. They’ve surged out of our price range too.

Take Gerhard Richter. 

The man called “the most important painter of our time” in a recent newspaper article. Today’s answer to Picasso.

No. Don’t even think about trying to own any of his incredible abstract artwork.

Richter’s price point is going up, up and up. Today he’s Europe’s most valuable livingartist.

  • His Abstraktes Bild (599) sold for $46.3 million at Sotheby’s in 2015. In 1999 you could have bought it for “just” $607,000.
  • His Abstraktes Bild (712) auctioned for $15.5 million in 2012. Two years later it made $26 million.
  • New York auction house Phillips held its biggest private selling exhibition last year. All 11 artworks were Gerhard Richters. The exhibition’s value? A huge $95 million…

Looks like the only chance we have of getting our hands on a Richter is if we jump over the ropes at the art gallery. 

But just hold on.

Because I’m about to show you how:

You can own a Gerhard Richter artwork without spending a fortune. 

Today is the first time I’ve offered these for sale.

You (and the other readers of this email) are the first to know about them. 

Here's the deal


They’re prints. There. I said it.

Stay with me.

Like you, when I see the word “print”, I usually groan.

To me it suggests:

Enormous print run. Probably unofficial. Bad quality. About as far removed from an original artwork as you can get. 

These four prints are different. So different. 

You see, Gerhard Richter doesn’t normally do prints.

But since 2014 he has made an occasional exception.

You have the chance to own up to four of these exceptions today.

Together these four form a complete set.

Because each is a limited edition print of four original artworks he created in 2010.

The four originals were inspired by the book Arabian Nights. That centuries-old collection of folk tales from the Middle East.

And here are three things you need to know about these prints:

  • They’re rare: Richter has made just 500 each. Each individually numbered.

  • They’re the highest quality: Richter has supervised and approved each print. Richter has made them to the same exacting standards as his original artworks (just wait until you see and feel the quality for yourself).

  • They’re genuine: These are 100% official. Richter has documented each print meticulously. Go on his website, you will find them. They also come with my Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee of Authenticity and my Certificate of Authenticity for your further peace of mind.

Enough. You need to see the prints for yourself to understand why I’m so excited about them.

Each screams Gerhard Richter. The master of abstract art.

And each is a “diasec-mounted chromogenic print on aluminium”.

That means your print is high definition. With incredible brightness. And won’t fade.

Which means each is a stunning display piece. Every visitor to your house or office will stop and stare. (And be jealous).

“Seen my limited edition Richter on the wall?” Sounds good doesn’t it?

Take a look...

Ifrit - P8

Ifrit - P8

Own Ifrit (P8) NOW

Bagdad - P9

Bagdad - P9

Buy Bagdad (P9) NOW

Bagdad - P10

Bagdad - P10

Own Bagdad (P10) NOW

Aladin - P11

Aladin - P11

Buy Aladin (P11) NOW

“Stunning” doesn’t do these four justice.

Such colour. So vibrant. So daring.

You need to be in the same room to experience how that shock of colour hits you.

Richter expert Dr Petra Maria Schapers calls them a “joyous investigation of colour and abstraction”.

So affordable

I said they were affordable. I wasn’t joking.

Because for just £12,000 ($16,194) each, you can have your own Gerhard Richter artwork.

Let me put that price in perspective.

  • His most valuable work is 2,500 times more expensive than each of these prints
  • I’ve seen other 2014 Richter prints from an edition of 500 sell for £17,500 ($23,616)

And if you want to own the complete set of four?

It becomes even more affordable.

I can give you a £3,000 ($4,048) discount against the full price of £48,000 ($64,773).

They’re yours for just £45,000 ($60,725).

Strong investment potential

And if you want to sell them on in the future?

You can expect to find a liquid market.

Richter is a global star of the art world. Especially in China, which is thirsty for the best in contemporary art. Especially in this price bracket.

And look, I’m not guaranteeing it will happen. Yet if the historical price gains for Richter continue, you could be looking at a big return on your investment. In the near future.

Richter is 85. He will not be producing art forever. His market will soon be finite. His legend will surely grow when he dies.

Prices are already soaring while he is alive. His death could see them reach a whole new level.

And when you own the complete set of four you’re in an especially strong position. Complete sets tend to sell for more than the sum of their parts at auction.

Why these prints are for you

If you've always wanted to get into contemporary art but have baulked at the price, these are for you. 

So I ask. 

Do you want to own a rare print produced by Europe’s most valuable living artist, for a scandalously small price? 

Here's what to do: 

Click on the individual links above.

Or call me on +44 (0) 117 933 9500 now. 

Or email me at

And if you want all four at the reduced price? Call or email me now to take advantage of my special offer. Before someone snaps up one or all of them from under your nose.

Delivery is fast, free and fully insured.

This is so current. Richter produced the original artworks in 2010. He produced the prints in 2014.

In just eight short years, they could go from Richter’s imagination to your wall. 

Don't wait on these. 

They are going to go. Fast.

Thanks for reading,


PS. Remember – this is the first time I’ve offered these. I’m expecting them to go quickly at this price. Act now. Email me at

PPS. You’re buying risk free: If you decide your purchase is not for you – for whatever reason – simply return it to me within 30 days for a full refund.

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