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Lot 470: Four by A. Edward Newton

Lot 475: Signed Julian Schnabel

Lot 460: Clochemerle, Chevallier, 1945

Lot 461: Le Mont Dans La Ville: Lithographies de Georges Gobô

Lot 456: Sixth volume of Chagall lithograph catalog

Lot 438: John Owen's Epigrammatum Elzevir 1628

Lot 443: 20 Miniature books from the Press of Ward Schori

Lot 445: Complete Works of Shakespeare in 40 volumes with case

Lot 452: History of Hungarian Printing 25 volumes

Lot 463: Little Grown Ups by Maud Humphrey

Lot 473: Requa, Old World Inspiration For American Architecture, 1929

Lot 474: James Whitcomb Riley The Orphant Annie Book

Lot 446: Inscribed to Percy Spielmann by his Mother

Lot 448: Claude Monet Tamazunchale Press

Lot 462: Moore, The Brook Kerith 1/375

Lot 420: The Fairy Annual 1838 unbound sheets

Lot 434: Le Petit Paroissien de l'Enfance

Lot 440: Satyricon of Petronius 1677

Lot 400: Louis Bondy Miniature Books 10 copies

Lot 409: In Praise of Virtuous Women Special Copy Catharijne Press

Lot 478: Peter Pauper Press Leaves of Grass

Lot 479: Original drawing by Garth Williams

Lot 395: Anacreon Carminia 1761 Foulis Press

Lot 472: Three volumes on playing cards

Lot 459: Tomie de Paola's Mother Goose, signed, limited

Lot 468: Indelible Miró, 1972

Lot 466: Six first editions by Captain Charles King

Lot 476: Etoffes Merveilleuses de Musée Historique des Tissus, Lyon

Lot 480: Original illustration by Garth Williams

Lot 455: Bird & Bull Press Numismata Typographica