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Lot 9555: Ken Kesey Signed Book

Lot 9561: Princess Diana and Prince Charles Signed Christmas Card

Lot 9543: Bob Kane Signed Check

Lot 9539: John Travolta Signed Poster

Lot 9547: Jerry Siegel Signed Comic Book

Lot 9524: Star Wars: Mark Hamill Signed Storybook

Lot 9529: John Belushi Signed Photograph

Lot 9501: Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller Original Photograph

Lot 9511: Marlon Brando Typed Letter Signed

Lot 9453: John Mellencamp Signed Guitar

Lot 9493: ZZ Top Signed Album

Lot 9494: ZZ Top Signed Photograph

Lot 9497: Marilyn Monroe 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' Title Lobby Card

Lot 9465: Pink Floyd: Roger Waters Signed Photograph

Lot 9454: The Moody Blues Signed Album

Lot 9422: Harrison Ford Signed Photograph

Lot 9443: B. B. King Signed Photograph

Lot 9452: Courtney Love Signed Photograph

Lot 9416: Clint Eastwood Signed Photograph

Lot 9421: Harrison Ford Signed Photograph

Lot 9403: The Cure Signed 45 RPM Record

Lot 9352: Pearl Jam Signed CD

Lot 9351: Pearl Jam Signed CD

Lot 9362: Rolling Stones Signed Album

Lot 9384: Yes Signed Album

Lot 9350: Nirvana Signed Photograph

Lot 9307: Aerosmith Signed Photograph

Lot 9347: The Monkees Signed Album

Lot 9348: Monty Python Signed Album

Lot 9330: Grateful Dead: Jerry Garcia Signed Photograph