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Lot 1012: Enzo Ferrari Signed Photo

Lot 995: Baseball Hall of Famers Baseball

Lot 969: Steve Reeves Signed Photo

Lot 997: Tazio Nuvolari Signed Photo

Lot 1000: Muhammad Ali and Larry Holmes Signed photo

Lot 1005: Baseball Tickets Tickets

Lot 986: Lee Van Cleef Signed Photo

Lot 988: Orson Welles DS

Lot 993: Wizard of Oz: Margaret Hamilton Signed photo

Lot 968: Christopher Reeve Signature

Lot 956: Marilyn Monroe and Milton Berle Photo

Lot 975: George C. Scott Signed Photo

Lot 977: Sesame Street: Carroll Spinney Sketch

Lot 955: Marilyn Monroe and Mickey Rooney Photo

Lot 936: Lillie Langtry Signed Photo

Lot 947: Marilyn Monroe Photo

Lot 953: Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio Photo

Lot 931: Rock Hudson Signed Photo

Lot 933: Emil Jannings Signed Photos

Lot 928: Hollywood Book

Lot 912: Clark Gable Check

Lot 918: Alec Guinness Signed Photo

Lot 919: Halloween Script

Lot 903: Clint Eastwood Signed Photo

Lot 911: Friends Signed photo

Lot 892: Richard Conte Signed Photo

Lot 902: Clint Eastwood Signed Photo

Lot 869: Actors and Actresses Signed phots

Lot 872: Josephine Baker Signature

Lot 884: Charles Bronson Signed Photo