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collection of many of the queen

collection of many of the queen

1974 Porsche RSR Turbo valued at $8m

Unreleased Beyonce footage to auction on March 13


Space Shuttle Columbia mission-flown tyre

Margaret Thatcher signed book

£50 Gift Voucher (approx. $67)

£25 Gift Voucher (approx. $34)

£100 Gift Voucher (approx. $134)

£10 Gift Voucher (approx. $13)

Zanzibar POSTAGE DUE 1926-30 50c black/orange SGD16/a

Zanzibar 1899-1901 ½a and 1a indigo SG188a/9a

Zanzibar 1895-96 6a pale brown (small second 'z' and inverted 'q' for 'b') SG13n

Zanzibar 1891 cover FRONT to 'Basil Woodd Walker SGZ70

Zanzibar 1895-96 2a6p yellow-green SG8D,var

Zanzibar 1866 India 4a green (die I) and 1873 ½a blue SGZ13,16

Zanzibar 1865-73 India 2a SGZ40,42/3

Yousuf Karsh Autograph on a Copy of 'Karsh a Fifty-Year Retrospective'

Yoko Ono Autograph

Winston Churchill signed document and original press photographs

Winston Churchill signed Council of Europe photograph

William Wordsworth Autographed Poetry Quotation

William Fargo Autographed Stock Certificate

Walt Disney Signed Animation Cel

Victoria 1897 'HOSPITAL CHARITY' 2½d (2s6d) red-brown SG354

Walt Disney Black & White Signed Photograph

Victoria 1886-96 £5 pale blue and maroon SG324

Uganda 1896 4a black typeset SG58a

Tristan Da Cunha 1929 stampless cover to USA (SGC7)