The simplest way to add your favourite collections to JustCollecting.

Add this button to your bookmark bar to Get Started. The button will collect images from other sites with one click. The Collect it button will automatically grab the website domain and generate a link back to the original web page.

Once installed, follow these handy steps to upload new images...


Seen an interesting story or an item you'd like to add to your collection?

Press the Collect it link now located up in your browser's bookmark bar.

pic-it step 1


Select the image you want to display from the ones the Collect it button finds the the page for you.

pic-it step 2


Assign information to your Pic to help others find it.

Including.. category, collecting area, album, headline and description.

pic-it step 3



Your Pic has now been uploaded to JustCollecting..

pic-it step 4


Over 1m visitors can now see your image!

pic-it step 5