Getting Started

Simply click 'Sign Up' in the top right corner of the homepage to get started.

Next you will be directed to the registration process which starts with the selection of a user name and password. Your user name must be between 4-20 characters long and your password between 6-20 characters long.

The collecting interests you choose will form the Pics that show up on your JustCollecting homepage when you are logged in. If your collecting passion is missing, email info@justcollecting.com and we'll add it to the list. (You can amend your chosen collecting interests at any time by clicking on your user icon and selecting 'settings' from the drop down menu).

'Topic Alerts' enable you to register specific interests and receive alerts when other users add new pics of interest. To set up a 'Topic Alert' simply type in your specific interest (e.g Marilyn Monroe memorabilia) and then hit enter. Click 'save changes' when done. Alternatively you can skip this step.

JustCollecting Points are an award for your activity and can be redeemed against competitions, prizes, special offers and much more. For more information please see the specific Points section below.

Please email us at info@justcollecting.com - we're here to help and would love to hear from you

Adding a Pic

A Pic is an image that you add to JustCollecting. The best Pics are large, tall images of beautiful and interesting things!

The Pic It button is a nifty little tab that you add to your bookmarks bar, which allows you to upload a Pic directly from any webpage you are visiting.

If you didn't install the Pic It button while signing up, to get your Pic It button, select the menu bar next to your user icon in the top right hand corner on the JustCollecting homepage. Click on the ‘About’ section in this menu, which will take you to the ‘About us’ section of JustCollecting. Then select the ‘Pic It Button’ header and drag the ‘Pic It Button’ up to your bookmarks bar (You may need to select bookmarks > show bookmarks bar in your web browser).

Yes - if a Pic is clicked on it opens up in a bigger popout, and the original website it was taken from is listed underneath. If the Pic is then clicked on, the webpage it came from will open in a new window.

Click the ‘Post’ button at the top right of the JustCollecting homepage and choose whichever category is best suited to your pic.

When you are logged in, click on the Pic you would like to edit to expand it. Under the expanded Pic a list of options will appear. Click on the ‘edit’ option, then make your changes and Update Pic.

When you are logged in the Pics are ordered according to the most recent uploads in your chosen collecting category's. To view all content on JustCollecting simply hit the 'view all content' button on the homepage. Alternatively you can edit the content you see on the homepage by editing your collecting interests on your 'settings page'.

Your Pics will be included on the homepage of every user who has chosen the collecting category to which your Pic belongs. For example, if you Pic a bottle of Chateau Mouton Rothschild in the wine category, then any collector of wine who has chosen that category will see your Pic.

A Pic Headline should contain the words that exactly describe the Pic. This forms the web address or URL for your Pic.

Describe the piece of collecting news, your opinion, or details of the item you wish to sell.

This helps users to filter the Pics they would like to see. If they look at Watches, they may just wish to see Pics related to news about upcoming watch auctions or watch sales results. Likewise, if someone wants to look up items for sale or put something up for sale themselves, they can choose 'Marketplace' to do this.

The collecting area is the collecting category that your Pic relates to. If you don't see the relevant collecting area listed, email info@justcollecting.com and we'll add it for you.

Click the ‘Post’ button at the top right of the JustCollecting homepage and click the word ‘Go’ under the blog header. Alternatively you can upload a blog by heading to your user profile and clicking the 'Blog' tab at the top of your profile page, then selecting ‘create a new blog entry.’

Click the 'Post' button in the top right corner of the JustCollecting homepage then click the 'Open a store' button under the 'Sell' header. Alternatively you can open a store via your user profile by hitting the 'Sell' tab. To open a store you must be in possession of a PayPal account which you will be asked to verify in order to complete setting up your store.

A collection is an area where you can manage and share Pics of your own personal collection and collect your favorite Pics from around the site. Here you have the option for your collection to be public or private.

Click on the Pic you would like to Collect and select the ‘Collect’ diamond icon which appears on the right hand side of the Pic. You can then either create a new collection for your pic, or add to an existing collection. You have the option to make each collection public or private.

Head to the JustCollecting homepage and hit the 'Browse category' button. Select 'Latest Auctions' from the drop down menu.

If you are a professional auction house you have the option to become a JustCollecting partner. Head to the 'About' section found at the top of the JustCollecting homepage and select 'JC for business' from the menu which appears on the right hand side. Enter your details and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

JustCollecting Points

Points are exclusive loyalty points you are awarded as you interact with JustCollecting. It's our way of saying "Thanks for visiting". Every week you can spend your Points on amazing products, special discounts and access to competitions.

Points are awarded for each user activity. Every user is awarded 800 Points for registering to JustCollecting. You win additional Points are awarded each time you interact with JustCollecting. To see the full list of ways to win Points, select the 'Points' button on the top right of the JustCollecting homepage.

A Tier Grade is a part of our Points system which lets other users know how active a member of the JustCollecting Club you are. Each tier is determined by how many Points you have won on the site-the more active you are the higher your Tier grade will be.

Your PicPoint total and tier grade is visible at the top of each webpage when you are logged in.

Adding an Album

An album is where you keep all your Pics. You can have as many as you like covering different areas of collectibles, and each album can contain as many Pics as you want. Unlike a 'Collection' an album cannot be made private.

You are asked to create an album for the first Pic you add. Each time you add a Pic, you will select an album to include it in, or create a new album to add it to.

Go to your username in the top right of the JustCollecting homepage, and select 'Albums'. This will open all your albums, and they will each have an 'Edit' button beneath them. Make your changes and Update Album. You can also delete albums here.

Communicating with other users

Click the username of the member you would like to follow. This will show you their profile, with a 'Follow' button at the top. Alternatively, click on a Pic they have posted. The user will be listed on the right of the main image, along with a 'Follow' button.

Find the user you wish to unfollow. On their profile page, the Follow button will say 'Following'. If you click it again, it will change back to 'Follow'. You are then no longer following this user.

Click on the Pic you would like to comment on to expand it, this will reveal a comment box underneath the pic. Simply type your comment in this box and click the blue comment icon to the right of the comment box to submit.

The user who 'Picced' the Pic you liked will receive a notification that a user has liked their Pic. Your followers will also see that you have liked the Pic.

When you login to JustCollecting, choose 'Login with Facebook'.

Profile and Account settings

Click your user icon in the top right corner of the JustCollecting homepage and select 'settings'. Here, all this information can be edited.

Click your user icon in the top right corner of the JustCollecting homepage, select 'settings'. Then click ‘Collecting Interests’ under ‘User Account’.

Click your user icon in the top right corner of the JustCollecting homepage, select 'settings'. Under the ‘User Account’ heading select the ‘User Account’ tab. In this tab you will find a orange ‘reset password’ button. Click this button to reset your password.

Click the Login button. Then click 'Forgotten Your Details?' Enter your email address, and a link will be sent to you to re-set your password.

Click your user icon in the top right corner of the JustCollecting homepage, select 'Settings'. Then under the header ‘User Account’ select ‘Email Notifications’ to edit.